Responsive, Innovative, Sustainable Cleaning Services

Proudly servicing the strata community since 1992

Strata Cleaning

We’re passionate about the environment and the well being of our team and clients-28 years and counting. Tru Brite, an industry leader in our sector delivering transparent high-quality outcomes by utilising sustainable practices and advanced technology.

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New Developments

Tru Brite has many years’ experience over a variety of strata complexes in collating accurate and efficient cleaning programs and assigning corresponding resources for newly established developments.

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Car Park Sweeping

Regardless of whether your parking facilities are an open lot, a multi-level structure or an underground garage, they all require frequent sweeping and scrub-cleaning to keep them safe and to reduce long-term maintenance costs.

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Specialised Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

Periodic deep cleaning of carpeted areas is essential not only for presentation and longevity purposes but most importantly for health reasons. Dirt, bacteria, fungi and germs can dwell on the carpet deep down over time.

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Pressure Cleaning

For outdoor areas, every element must be kept clean and in good repair. We can remove the grime, mud, oils or moss to restore grip to slippery surfaces. Tru Brite uses specialised pressure washing machines matched to the task on hand.

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Waste Management

Waste management involves removing recycling from floors early on designated collection days, placing it out for pickup, moving full waste bins to the loading dock, replacing them with new clean bins, and disinfecting the compactor room daily to prevent the spread of odours.

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Why choose Tru Brite?

We're passionate about looking after our planet

We’ve invested in several key sustainable cleaning systems to do our part in protecting mother earth and we aim to let our actions speak louder than our words.

Redefining professional cleaning

We’re the preferred cleaning company for many of Sydney’s iconic residences with a long-standing reputation for quality cleaning as Sydney’s most professional cleaning company.

Innovative cleaning practices that work

We’re continually innovating in many areas of our business whether it be our I.T. support systems, cleaning processes or implementing new environmentally-friendly products.

We're one big family

Our team members are hired in-house meaning that we carefully screen, select and train the very best for our client sites.

Quality assurance guarantee

Our Cleaning Supervisors and Account Managers are equipped with the knowledge and mobile auditing reporting applications (iAuditor) to ensure compliance with our high standards. We’re able to generate and share detailed inspection reports and address any issues quickly and efficiently.

WHS Compliance

We’ve been around long enough to develop cleaning procedures and policies that comply with all WHS provisions.

What are people saying about us?

A clean, well-presented building creates a more attractive, comfortable and enjoyable environment for your residents.

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